Hello everyone, I’m Celeste Lili.

I’m a 21-year-old UC Davis Managerial Economics student. With this student blog, I am trying to spread the knowledge I have gained as an undergrad. I am the first to go to college in my family, so I have had to figure everything out on my own. I want to establish an area where other first-gen students can go for advice from an actual student. My plan is to continuously provide content on this student blog as well as on Twitter and TikTok.

In addition to having a passion for sharing resources and knowledge, I am into the marketing world as well. I currently am a freelance Content SEO writer and plan to have a full-time career in it once done with school. You can feel free to reach out to me about this type of advice as well 🙂

How I began blogging and ended up with a Student Blog

When I was younger I was really interested in writing. English was my favorite subject and I enjoyed writing essays. When I got my first iPod and began navigating the web I stumbled upon blogs. It was crazy to see websites that weren’t academic, but personal. It inspired me to want to do something like that.

I first started blogging when I was in middle school. I had many failed attempts on Blogspot and hated that I couldn’t design a website on my own. Instead, I kept posting on Instagram as well as YouTube. I released fashion and beauty content like OOTDs and lookbooks. I even ended up with sponsorships to some small fashion and jewelry businesses but ultimately deleted my accounts in high school.

Now I’m here to use this student blog as a new creative outlet for me to share aspects of my life. I hope to foster a student life community!