Gifts for College Students

Gifts for College Students

Need to figure out what to buy for a college student in your life? I will list some of the best gifts for college students that they will actually use and love.

The holidays are coming up very fast. With that, it can be hard to find great personable and practical gifts for everyone on your list. Especially during a global pandemic, thoughts of gifts may be the furthest thing from your mind right now.

As an undergrad, the work never stops. Balancing school, internships, part-time jobs, and being a person can be a lot. This is why I decided to create this Gifts for College Students Guide. Treating a college student to a joyful and practical gift for the holidays can help make this time just a little bit easier. Hopefully, this guide will also help make it easier for you to find something to give to your college friends and family.

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Financial Starter Kit

Financial Starter Kit Book Cover

I know, the first gift suggestion is a book. However, Financial Starter Kit by Beez is so much more than that. For any student, this book is GOLD. It will teach you all the basics of finances from credit scores to student loans to retirement plans. It is super important for college students to understand the basics of finances as we are all at the beginning of adulthood. Business administration and economics students also would especially love and value this gift.

Fire TV Stick 4K streaming device with Alexa

Fire Stick

The Fire TV Stick is perfect for when students need a break. Online school can be exhausting and the Fire Stick helps make relaxing easier. It allows you to go through multiple streaming services all on one remote, with Alexa as well. There is no need to even type anything in, simply use the voice aspect and tell the remote what you would like to watch next.

Solar Powered Portable Charger

Solar Powered Portable Charger

Although we aren’t going out anymore due to the pandemic, a portable charger is essential for college students. Whether you are going outside to take long walks, work out, or driving around to relieve some stress there is always a need to have a portable charger. The best thing about this one is that it has a solar power capability option. So if you forget to charge the charger, you always have that as an option.


Ninja Blender

I absolutely love my Ninja and use it pretty often. It’s great for making smoothies, acai bowls, and even for making salsa. It is super easy to use and clean compared to a blender. Any college student who works out as well can use this for their protein shakes! It’s one of the best multi-purpose gifts for college students.


I Need Coffee Candle

Candles can always help set a calming tone. Aromatherapy is said to provide relief from anxiety and better sleep; two things college students desperately need. This I Need Coffee candle can help provide relaxation and comfort.



Keurig Coffee Maker

A slim Keurig coffee maker is perfect for college students stuck in dorms or tiny apartments. It saves space and is a life-saver when it comes to midterm season. It’s great for coffee, hot chocolate, and teas.

Desk Organizer Set

Desk Organizer Set

This is perfect for keeping a workspace free from clutter. It’s a great gift for college students who need a little help with messiness and for those who are obsessed with organization.

Flower Dangles (Jewelry)

Flower Dangles Earrings

Flower Dangles is an independently run jewelry shop by a UC Davis alum, Less Acosta. They make super cute and unique designs. You can find earrings for the holidays like Halloween and Christmas, Pride designs, or statement flower pieces. With these earrings, you can also customize the backing options or opt for clip-on!

I personally bought a custom pair for my little sister about a year ago when Less first started. They were made exactly how I pictured and my sister loved them. Now we always countdown the days for her collection drops. With each piece being special and insanely adorable, these make great gifts for college students.

Mini Fridge

Gifts for College Students- Mini fridge

Honestly, what college student doesn’t need a mini-fridge? Whether they are currently in an apartment with roommates and have to fight for freezer space, or in the dorms, there is usually always a need. This one is almost a micro-fridge that can be just designated for skincare products as well! You can choose between pink, black, or white so it is perfect to match in any room.

Himalayan Salt Lamp


Himalayan Salt Lamp

A super trendy item popular from TikTok, the Himalayan salt lamp is the perfect gift for any college student. It is super cute and on-trend right now. It is a great statement piece for customizing a boring dorm room or adding some color to an apartment. Right now it is just $11 on Amazon!

Disposable Camera

Fujifilm Disposable Camera

Disposable cameras are popular right now! It’s a great way to take cute quality pictures and go through the experience of having them developed. It’s also an inexpensive way to give a film camera.

There you have it; 11 gifts for college students! If you are looking for something more specific, check out 24 Best Graduation Gifts for Girls. Anything a college girl could want after graduation is listed!

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